Non-Attendance of Booked Appointments

A recent audit of our system showed that in 2023, the practice booked 20,299 GP and Nurse appointments for our patients. Unfortunately, 763 of these appointments were missed due to non-attendance. This is the same as 213 hours of wasted appointment time, or the equivalent of 51 fully booked GP clinics. This is a loss of 1 full GP clinic almost every week.

If you can’t make your appointment, there are several ways to cancel:

  • You can text CANCEL to the text reminder you will have received about your appointment. All our appointments generate these reminders, unless they are book less than 24 hours ahead of the appointment time.
  • You can visit our website at to cancel appointments.
  • You can call us, or call in the practice.

If you can’t make your appointment – please ensure you cancel.

Grosvenor Medical Centre